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Comparator Fast: compare folders, compare files, duplicate files, synchronize computers, match folders
v1.2.4.1 NEW!
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Welcome to our online help feature. here you may found updated info to our help system, online.
This is the Comparator Fast's Online Help page. It contains FAQ's, links to web board/forum, and useful news. Take a look!.

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How to Register Comparator Fast for Windows (video)


While chat programs allow people to talk directly, you must be logged into a chat room nearly 24/7 to please everyone. With a forum, you can talk at any time, and everyone can join or read the conversation at his/her leisure. Get visitors coming back for interesting discussions, fun chit chat, or support.

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KNOWN BUGS   No bugs reported.  
Please make sure you have at least Windows95 OSR/2 (Win95B) with Microsoft's DCOM95 Update (1.3 or better).
Please note that this Operating System is no longer supported by Microsoft. We'll try to continue supporting is as long as we can. We tested applications on Windows 95 OSR/2 with DCOM95 version 1.3.
  Q. Is Comparator Fast compatible with Windows 95 ?  
A. Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows 95, this product is discontinued. But, we tested our software on Windows95 OSR/2 (or Windows 95 B), with DCOM update, and works fine.
Q. Why the files don't show their icons?
A. You may be use the "Faster process" option. This feature try to gain more speed, and some visual options are disabled to reach the goal: a faster process. This is a normal functionality.
Q: I'm trying to contact support or registration services, but I get no response yet. What can I do? 
A. Our support response is usually very fast, if not answered same day, about 1-2 business days. If you have no response yet, the cause may be you're using Anti-Spam software and our email responses are blocked or deleted because of this. This situation may affect you receive any email from us: registration information, support responses, updates notifications.

Many people use Anti-Spam software. If you use Anti-Spam software too and try to contact us by email, please DON'T FORGET to create a rule that accept our emails from our domain

Some Anti-Spam software are so strict, that we had situations when we receive a support request or consults, and we're unable to contact that user because the emails bounce (returned to us) or sometimes we never notice that the email we sent was deleted by an Anti-Spam software because our mail server successfully delivers to your mail server, but your Anti-Spam software can block/delete our emails without notice. There is nothing we can do about this, so we highly recommends you include your phone number, fax number, and your Instant Messaging System's code (i.e.: Messenger, ICQ, etc.). Please note that this circumstance, completely out of our control, can delay our response a lot (if we can perceive our responses are not received by email).

Q: I have my order's receipt. What's next?
A. When you order Comparator Fast, you'll receive your receipt. Later, you'll be contacted by email with instructions about how to receive your registration information. If you want, you may get that instructions right now from our web site: Registration Information.




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