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Comparator Fast: compare folders, compare files, duplicate files, synchronize computers, match folders
v1.2.4.1 NEW!
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Comparator Fast Advantages?

Easy to use interface
Fast process
User configurable
Quick commands and Tools
Touch Files tool
Internet Time tool
CD Check & Media / Verifier
List Builder / Commands
Many Add-Ons and tools !

- Detect Repeated Files (cloned files) across any folder structure. Search engine by file's Name, Size or content (data) using CRC32 or MD5.
- Rename Files tool
is now included, easy and quick mass renamer.

- Eliminate Duplicate Text/Emails from Text Files/Distribution Lists
- Graphics
presentation, with Bar and Pie statistical presentation, detailed scan results summary.
- Filters and Exclusions.
- Horizontal/Vertical presentation of results.
- New Text Differences: a text file comparator. Analyses two text files and shows an easy to understand and merge information about lines added, modified and deleted. Analyze from Files or Clipboard content.
- New Convert Text Files from Unix/Linux <> Windows/DOS formats: allows to convert files to required target format (Unix/DOS) easy.
- New Creates Dummy File: Specify file name, desired size (from 0 Bytes) and it creates a "dummy" file with that name and size.
- Favorites Folders: easy access of your frequently used folders from the system tray, launch in Explorer or MS-DOS Prompt.
External Software options: users can define external programs to use with Comparator Fast results, easy!.
- Integration with WinZip, WinRAR: auto detect these popular compression software to easy access, allowing backups of results on those compressed formats. Users can define their own Zip and Rar software manipulation if WinZip / WinRAR are not installed.

Save Results to file: allow to save scan results to HTML, Text, Excel, Word, XML or Delimited (CSV).
- System Tray
option, may start and keep Comparator Fast running on background on Windows system tray.
- Recent Used Folders: keep a history of last used folders on Comparator Fast. This history may be used to open those folders quick in Window Explorer or MS-DOS Prompt, just from system tray!
- CD/DVD/Removable Media Data Check/Verifier: scan your valuable recorded CD's, CD-RW, DVD, Removable Media (Zip, Jaz, LS, Compact Flash, Smart Media, USB Pen Drives, Tapes Backups -as logical drives-, etc.) or any compatible media, verifying that all the data is readable. If you want to compare, you may use File Comparator too !.
- Send selected items (files) to clipboard, but with a pre-processor, allows user to build a command based list of selected files, then copy to clipboard or save to file.
- Copy/Move selected files to any folder.
- Launch folders in Windows Explorer or MS-DOS Prompt.
- Quickly copy selected folders (paths) names and/or file names to clipboard.
- Can select all items, none, invert selection, by wildcard, by attributes.
- Log management, including Printing, clipboard routines, "Undo" feature, and more.
- Touch Files tool:
Easy change of files attributes and Date/Times (Modified, Created, Last Accessed). Wizard's like procedures.
- Internet Time: synchronize your Computer's clock to be on time, the right time!
- Detect Missing Files
- Detect Newer Files
- Detect Duplicates Files
- Analyzes duplicates by File's   Name, Size and:
     * Date / Time
     * CRC32
     * Exact Data Content
- User Defined Presets
- Accepts command line parameters for easy automation and integration with other software
- Presets Wizard
- Can detect unresolved files
- Can use schedule software to program synchronization process
- Easy to select folders to   compare
- Drag and Drop folders to   compare
- File Comparator: special tool to   analyze file's content and check   both selected files are identical
- Hexadecimal file viewer
- Options for easy file   management:
    * Open/Run selected(s) file(s)
    * Open Container Folder
    * Select All/None
    * Delete Selected File(s)
    * File's Properties
- Check Internet for Updates
- Option to get even more speed !
- Integrated Comprehensive Help
- Drag and Drop files to set user's defined date/time
- Backup and Restore Settings
Preferences Options: users may change
- and more...







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