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Comparator Fast: compare folders, compare files, duplicate files, synchronize computers, match folders
v1.2.4.1 NEW!
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Comparator Fast's details and descriptions of updates, changes, fixes. Here you'll find all information about. You may see a more detailed description checking the Online Help on Help option on this page.

  • New Automation Options: automatically detect empty folders and remove them if empty or if contains only no necessary files. User configurable on Preferences.
  • New Tool: Delete empty folders.
  • Fixed Repeated Files issue (folders not recognized).
  • Other enhancements and fixes.
  • Enhanced visual settings..
  • Enhanced Presets Default speed.
  • Changed Scan/Exclusion parameters behavior.
  • Fixed Presets Issue.
  • Fixed Restore Backup issue.
  • Other enhancements and fixes.
  • Enhanced Registration and Support.
  • Folders to scan now accept international characters.
  • New Select by Folder option.
  • Option to remove empty folder when removing files.
  • Other enhancements and fixes.
  • Enhanced scan method.
  • Enhanced copy function.
  • Fixed Check for Update.
  • Fixes and Enhancements:
    • Repeated Files issue when same folder but different capitalization.
    • Several enhancements and Fixes.
    • Updated Windows detection for Windows 2008R2 and Windows 8.
    • Open Folder in Explorer now selects highlighted file.
    • Restore backup settings fixed and enhanced.
    • Windows DEP internal management.
  • More Windows 7 enhancements.
  • New Pause Scan option.
  • Text Differences fixed (paste from Clipboard on Section 2).
  • New Memory Manager.
  • Fixed TaskBar behavior when returning to program.
  • Other enhancements and fixes.
  • Fixes and Enhancements:
    • Repeated Files not saving changes
    • Repeated Files issue (path display)
    • Repeated Files may choose relative or full paths to display
    • Windows 7 enhancements
    • Text Differences enhanced
    • File Checker enhanced
    • Several enhancements and Fixes.
  • New Automatic DST feature (Options|Preferences), to automatically handle Daylight Saving Time when enabled.
  • New Registration and Support tool.
  • New option to get folders from Windows Explorer (to avoid add Comparator Fast to Windows Context Menu).
  • Enhanced Created Dummy File.
  • Enhanced Check for Update.
  • Other enhancements and fixes.
  • Enhanced Repeated Files detection.
  • Hashes Databases now works with MD5 algorithm (CRC32 was default). Automatic upgrade.
  • Enhanced FileCheck tool.
  • Updated help.
  • Some Enhances and Fixes.
  • New Repeated Files options: Select files by Wildcards, Invert Selection, Remove selected from results, Find option to search Repeated Files results for data, Size of Checked items, Size of Selected items.
  • New Hashes Databases scheme will speed up comparisons based on CRC32 or MD5 hashes to detect Repeated Files.
  • New option to close Scanning window after scan completed.
  • Enhanced Select by Wildcards.
  • Enhanced File Comparator.
  • New Tutorials flash videos.
  • Some enhancements and fixes.
  • Wrong release posted, discontinued same day, hours later.
  • New Repeated Files detection: can detect repeated (cloned) files across any folder already scanned, this way you may detect accidentally repeated/cloned files (same files in several folders).
  • New Rename Files tool, an easy to use / quick mass renamer.
  • New help system.
  • Several Enhances and Fixes.
  • New introductory dialogs.
  • Several enhancements and fixes.
  • New Synchronization mode.
  • Enhanced method to Load Presets, more faster, validation of folders configurable.
  • Enhanced Presets and Presets Wizard.
  • Unresolved items are now integrated to results.
  • New Log options.
  • Enhanced Presets Wizard, now allows deletion of multiple Presets at once.
  • Enhanced directory search for folders while typing.
  • Enhanced Convert Text Files and Descriptions
  • Allows to open Source or Target folder from context menu.
  • Now allows to create a non-existing Target folder.
  • New options to select folders for Source/Target.
  • Fixed Automatic Check for Update.
  • Several Enhances and Fixes.
  • Several enhancements and fixes.
  • Enhanced File Check Tool: now can load/save Hashes Files (and use Drag and Drop too), to perform felxible calculations and comparisons.
  • Automatic Check for Update.
  • Several Enhances and Fixes.
  • New Automatic Backup of Settings and Preferences.
  • New Option to Touch Selected Files as Older Files.
  • New Option to Touch Older Files as Selected Files.
  • Enhanced Backup and Restore.
  • New Auto Maximize / Auto Restore option.
  • Enhanced Folder Replication.
  • Now Comparator Fast uses "My Documents\Comparator Fast" to store data.
  • New command line parameters to replicate folders and delete empty folders: /R, /R1, /R2 and /DF. See help for more information.
  • Several enhancements and fixes.
  • Command line parameters reenabled for Shareware Version.
  • Replicate Folders Options now are saved as User Preferences.
  • Added two new command line options: /ONLYBAD and /NOONLYBAD.
    See Help for more information.
  • Enhanced "Delete Folders" option.
  • Cosmetic Changes.
  • File Check MRU (Most Recent Used) files fixed.
  • More enhancements for new "Replicate Folders" tool: now shows only folders available to replicate in matching folders, not all folder's content.
  • Presets Wizard cosmetic changes.
  • HexDump minor bug fixed.
  • Preferences / Set Global Defaults, now applies all settings defaults.
  • Included a tool to reduce stress (small, simple): Tetris.
  • Changed default for Replicate Folders: Cascade checks now disabled by default (for new users).

- Improved Interface.
- New Replicate Folders options.
- New features to include/exclude specified Folders Paths in scans, using "Files to Scan" and "Files to Exclude" fields.
- New option to Select Sub folders from a List to include in scan.
- Improved Descriptions.
- Enhanced Presets.
- New Memory Status Panel.
- New customizable Options Menu, Main Tool Bar, Descriptions Panel.
- New option to open Windows Folders from System Tray.
- Increased Presets Storage Up to 500 (per user).
- New Enhanced MaxPath feature.
- New smart use of alternate file/folder name in foreign language.
- Fixed File Check comparing results against specified CRC32/MD5/SHA1
- Fixed CD/DVD/Media Check (bug in thread when update progress, could cause module to freeze sometimes).
- Enhanced Log.
- Enhanced Recent Used Folders.

- Enhanced Recovery from Media Tool, with more options, smart choices and results management.
- New File Check Tool: allows to verify integrity of files based on CRC32, MD5 and SHA1 algorithms. Easy and simple!
- Fixed "Description" tab on startup.
- Cosmetic changes and fixes

- Automatic Updater released to registered users of Comparator Fast. This automatic updater helps to update prior versions of Comparator Fast automatically.

- Enhanced CD/DVD/Removable Media Checker/Verifier:
> Recovery Tool option for valid files on damaged media
> New option to copy selected files to clipboard (as Explorer)
> Fixed CD eject detection behavior when processing
- New "Description" tab, with information about selected field and tips
- Fixed rare behavior on very few advanced hardware.
- Cosmetic changes and fixes

- Enhanced "Eliminate Duplicate Lines from Text Files" tool.

- Updated Release.
- New Tool: Eliminate Duplicate Lines from Text Files.
- Enhanced background management.
- Minor fixes.

- Enhanced CD/DVD/Media Check, including data comparison with user's specified source.
- Enhanced results presentation.
- Scanning Window can minimize entire application to system tray, to work in background without disturbing user.
- Enhanced File Comparator, with more descriptive information in "manual" mode. Can be "closed" to Scanning Window.
- Increased capacity for many add-ons.
- Atomic Clock (Internet Time) can check Server's Time and show Server's time in Log, without change to your computer's clock until you click "Go".
- Fixed foreign languages Windows Locales (Size of Selected Files).
- Fixed progress of UNC paths on scanning window.
- Fixed preferences.

- Updated Release.
- Smart free space calculation.
- Use of animated cursors (optional).
- Improved options and interface.
- Updated Help.
- Smaller Size.

- New Results presentation ("Classic" view still available in Options/Preferences).
- New Graphics presentation, with Bar and Pie statistical presentation, detailed scan results summary.
- Improved Scan speed!
- New Filters and Exclusions management options, allow to exclude file's wildcards from search, ignore duplicates ok, ignore files/folders by attribute, apply filters to phases one/two or both.

- New Options:
Select Folders to Compare
Switch Folders From<-->To
Temporary enable/change filters/exclusions
Horizontal View of Results
Windows Context Menu for Folders
Windows Context Menu for Files/Folders on Results
Last Scan Status, etc.

- New Close to System Tray default option: to keep Comparator Fast available on system tray.
- Improved Text Differences tool: more options, printing capabilities.
- Favorites Folders now accepts files/folders from drag and drop. Doubled capacity.
- Improved Size of files.
- Extended capacity of Presets.

- New Text Differences: a text file comparator. Analyses two text files and shows an easy to understand and merge information about lines added, modified and deleted. Analyze from Files or Clipboard content.
- New Convert Text Files from Unix/Linux <> Windows/DOS formats: allows to convert files to required target format (Unix/DOS) easy.
- New Creates Dummy File: Specify file name, desired size (from 0 Bytes) and it creates a "dummy" file with that name and size.
- New Favorites Folders: keep a list of your frequently used folders (user defined) for quick access using explorer or MS-DOS Prompt. Quick access to your favorites folders from the system tray.
- New External Software options: users can define external programs to use with Comparator Fast results, easy!.
- Integration with WinZip, WinRAR: auto detect these popular compression software to easy access, allowing backups of results on those compressed formats. Users can define their own Zip and Rar software manipulation if WinZip / WinRAR are not installed.
- Improved CD/DVD/Removable Media Data Check/Verifier: scan your valuable recorded CD's, CD-RW, DVD, Removable Media (Zip, Jaz, LS, Compact Flash, Smart Media, USB Pen Drives, Tapes Backups -as logical drives-, etc.) or any compatible media, verifying that all the data is readable. If you want to compare, you may use File Comparator too !.
- New option to Save Results to file: allow to save scan results to HTML, Text, Excel, Word, XML or Delimited (CSV).
- Improved Size of files.
- Improved CD/DVD Check
- Improved Clipboard process
- Recent folders on tray can now be sorted (preferences)
- Double click tray icon to get Recent Used Folder's window
- Optimized functions for Win9x users.

- New System Tray option, may start and keep Comparator Fast running on background on Windows system tray.
- New Recent Used Folders: keep a history of last used folders on Comparator Fast. This history may be used to open those folders quick in Window Explorer or MS-DOS Prompt, just from system tray !.
- New Preferences Options: users may change Comparator Fast options, easy!.
- New CD Data Check/Verifier: scan your valuable recorded CD's, CD-RW, DVD or any compatible media, verifying that all the data is readable. If you want to compare, you may use File Comparator too !.
- New tool to send selected items (files) to clipboard, but with a pre-processor, allows user to build a command based list of selected files, then copy to clipboard or save to file. This way, you'll get not only a list of your files, now you're allowed to build a list to use on other software/MS-DOS Prompt, with commands like "copy myfile.jpg c:\backup /b /v"... this for all selected files too !
- New option to Copy/Move selected files to any folder, in a straight way, without Comparator Fast process.
- New options to management of Folders and containers folders, to launch in Windows Explorer or MS-DOS Prompt.
- New options to quickly copy selected folders (paths) names and/or file names to clipboard.
- New options to launch add-on tools straight from Comparator Fast.
- New option to launch Unresolved window manually.
- New options to improve items selection: now can select all items, none, invert selection, by wildcard, by attributes.
- New option to override the default setting of start Comparator Fast with the last used folders.
- New options for Log management, including Printing, clipboard routines, "Undo" feature, and more.
- Fixed Presets Wizard.
- New option to edit a preset with real saved information, not only using current parameters.
- New option to set "factory" defaults.
- New option to setup printer.

- New Touch Files tool: allows you to change date/time and attributes of selected files. Easy to use, can get the files using drag and drop or manual selection, get the settings for Modified / Created / Last Accessed Date/Time with drag and drop method too (it can extract proper wanted date settings from any file you dropped on the box!). Can be minimized to system tray for later use. Complete help included.
- New Internet Time tool: is an "Atomic Clock" synchronizer. It have a list of Time Servers around the world and can synchronize your Computer's clock (date and time) with the exact time for your area.
- Fast method is now the default.
- Comparator Fast can be minimized to system tray for later use or background jobs. It's system tray icon now have a pop up menu with frequently used options.
- Presets Wizard now get the current settings when creating a new preset, saving time to the user.
- Now can type the preset name manually to select the desired preset. If preset don't exists, launch the New Preset window.
- Improved help system and Online Help options.

- Added Presets Wizard option
- Changed File Comparator's Shortcut
- Improved compatibility with older's OS, even Windows95™
- Improved Menu Options
- Added calculation of Selected files (on scan results)
- Uninstaller can Repair/Add Options/Remove
- Improved About window.

- Released to the public !
- Added Drag and Drop capabilities
- Added File's Comparator Tool
- Added tools/options to file management
- Added Hex Viewer Tool
- Added more Faster scheme
- Detailed Help included
- Backup/Restore Settings
- Added Shell Options Capabilities
- Added Preset's Management
- Beta testing
- Design changes based on user's suggestions
- First Release, for beta testing only.




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