Received Clipboards
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Remote users can send their local clipboards to your Network Clipboard & Viewer.
You'll be notified with an icon on system tray: clipboard link

An informational balloon hint "Clipboard Received" is displayed on system tray to inform you of a new received clipboard. Click on the balloon hint to copy the received clipboard to your local clipboard.

List of Received Clipboards

You'll get a list of received clipboards with information about:

   Sender Computer   
   Sender User
   Date/Time Received
   Location of saved clipboard's file
   Size of saved file.

When you click an item on list, you'll see a Mini Preview window with a preview of received content. Right-click on selected item(s) for other options.

light To copy received clipboard to your local clipboard, just
double-click the item on list you want to. Items already processed (copied/tried to copy to your local clipboard) will show a processed icon wave.

Mini Preview
This shows you a useful preview of what did you received from a remote user before copying to your clipboard.
If the remote clipboard content is an image, you'll see a small image preview. You may drag the Mini Preview window to any position on your screen:

   Move the mouse cursor to any part of image preview,
   click and hold the left button while you move
   the window to a new location.

Right-click the image preview to display a pop-up with zoom factors (please note: zoom is based on preview, not real image content).

If the remote clipboard content is text, you'll see the first lines on Mini Preview.

Click the Options caption to roll-up the Options panel:
   Notify when receive
   to get an informational balloon hint notifying you of a new clipboard received.

   light Click the balloon hint to set received clipboard
      to your local clipboard, immediately.

   Sound when receive
   to get a sound played when a new clipboard is received.

   Check to show Mini Preview window, uncheck to close.

   light Click the
Close button on Mini Preview window to close it.

Deleting Unnecessary
Select the items you want to delete from the received list, and drag and drop to the Recycle Bin icon recycle on Received Clipboards window.
light Received clipboard files are deleted to the Windows Recycle Bin (when available). If you need to restore deleted files, follow the instructions for your Windows version.