Image Preview
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The Image Preview dialog appears when you choose the Save command on Clipboard Viewer options.

If clipboard's content is a supported image format, it shows you an "Image Preview" window. Here you may select which format (of most popular) use to save the clipboard as Image. Click on proper tab to select target format as JPG, BMP or GIF.

Each image's format have their own proper parameters. Change these parameters to fit your needs, you may see a preview before save.

JPG: You may select the quality of the saved image moving the slider. The more quality, more space needed to save the image. Another option is save the image in gray scale format.

BMP: available option to change pixel format for Bitmap content, and save image as Monochrome bitmap. You may want to rotate Bitmap (move slider). If Bitmap was rotated, click Apply to keep the rotated image, Cancel to restore last preview.

GIF: You may choose the Color Reduction method, Gif format's compression method (LZW or RLE) and Dithering.

In all options you'll see the file's size (based on your settings), and the image size in pixels (Width / Height).

lightPress and hold down the Ctrl
(control) key and press:
J to access JPG settings
B to access BMP settings
G to access GIF settings
P to access PREVIEW settings
C to access COLOR PICKER.

You'll see the time (in seconds) to convert an image format, the size (in KBytes) of current image in current format and with present parameters. Also appears the Width and Height dimensions of preview image.

Preview Image
Moving the cursor on the Preview Image box, will shows you a cursor with a hand ready to hold the image when you click the left mouse button. Hold the left mouse button down and move your cursor to the position you want to displace the preview image. Release button to stop.

Next to preview box, you'll see a slider. This allows you to zoom the preview image to see more/less details of the resulting image based on your specified parameters. Actual size is 100%.

Color Picker
This handy tool will shows you an eyedropper cursor. You'll get the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) colors of cursor point on screen. Additionally, you'll get the HTML code for current RGB color, and the Decimal value of current RGB color (for Web designers, Help builders, Developers).
To stop capturing colors, just click the mouse button (you'll need to stop capturing colors to keep current color codes). Just check the Active check box to start capturing colors again.

To terminate Color Picker just choose another page of options.

light Double-click on HTML / Dec. codes to copy values to clipboard.

Saving Preview Image
Click the Ok button to save image in current format and settings. You may select and save other formats clicking the Ok button. Click Cancel when finish.