Replicate Folders

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On this panel you'll find a top tree that shows two main roots:

       1) Folders than exists on Source Path but are missing on target

       2) Folders than exists on Target Path but are missing on Source.


Check the box next to a folder you want to replicate (create same folder structure on other side), leave unchecked the folders you don't want to replicate.


To check all folders on Source, just check the box next to main root "Folders to Replicate on Source" (if Cascade Checks option is enabled. Same procedure for Target).




The two folders trees on bottom are Folders found on Source Path (on left) and Folders found on Target Path (on right).



Replicate Options

Auto-Expand Missing: Enable this option to automatically expand folders with missing items in Source/Target results.
Expand Missing: Use this option to expand all missing items on results.
Expand All: Use this option to expand all folders and sub folders.
Collapse All: Use this option to hide all folders but main roots of results.
Only Delete Empty Folders: Check this option (enable) to automatically cancel deletion of non-empty folders when using "Delete Folders" feature.


Touch Replicated Folders: Select this to "touch" each replicated folder with same date and time than source folder.


Cascade Checks: With this option, all sub folders found on Source and Target will be checked.


Test Mode: Enable Test Mode to run a simulation of what will be processed (check Log for details). When Test Mode enabled, no folder is really replicated or deleted. If Test Mode is disabled, your choice (replicate / delete) will be processed for all selected (checked) items. Switching this option will Restore Folders to Replicate automatically.


Restore Folders to Replicate: Use this option to re-scan Source and Target results tree (this is based in current results, folders will not be re-scanned actually) and restore Folders to Replicate structure.
Load: Use this command to load a previously saved Folders Structure file. You'll lose any previous folders structure, if any. You may save any previous structure first, to later use.
Save: Save current folders results structure to a Folders Structure file, for later use.