Eliminate Duplicates from Text Files

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This tool allows you to eliminate any duplicate lines from Text files.

Some uses are: clean already existing lines, in example, batch files, file listings, emails listings, etc.



How It Works

First, specify the destination folder you want to save processed files, don't leave blank or specify same folder as source file.

Add Files to the  section, using drag and drop or the Add File(s) button.


Choose process Options (parameters):


 Case Sensitive: Enable (check) if two strings are considered duplicates if they are identical except for differences in case.


 Trim Spaces: Enable (check) to Trims leading and trailing spaces and control characters from a string.


 Ignore Empty Lines: Enable (check) to ignore and eliminate empty lines on target file.


 Touch Target: Enable (check) to set same modified dates and times for target file as source file.


 Overwrite Existing Files: Enable (check) if you want to overwrite existing target files automatically. Existing target file, if any, are sent to Recycle Bin (if possible and available).


 View Duplicates: Enable (check) if you want to view duplicates found per file. If enabled, you'll see a "Duplicates Found" tab, where you get a list of all duplicate lines found per file. Right-click this list for other options.


 Clear Duplicates before process: Enable (check) if you want to clear the Duplicates Found list before run a list of files to process. Keep unchecked if you want to see a list of all duplicates found during all process on your current session.


 Save Duplicates on alternate file: Enable (check) if you want to save all duplicates found per file, on an alternate file, which will be saved on same target folder and same file name as source file but with this text inserted at the end of file name: "- Duplicates Found".



Destination Folder

If you want to change the destination folder of an already dropped file, choose the right destination folder, then select the item (or items) you want to change and right-click for other options, then choose "Change Destination Folder".