Convert Text Files to Unix/Linux <> Windows/DOS Format

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This tool allows you to convert text files from Unix/Linux format to Windows/DOS Format and vice versa.


Unix/Linux text files are different from Windows/DOS ones. The line termination of a Unix/Linux text file is "LINE FEED" character, but Windows/DOS files ends each line with a combination of "CARRIAGE RETURN" and "LINE FEED" characters.


You'll to convert files if, as example, you're working on a Website's CGI or Perl script under Windows and you must to migrate it to Unix format before publishing it at your web server, or the script will not work.


Some files downloaded from the Internet have Unix/Linux format... you can switch between both formats easy.



How It Works

Specify the destination folder you want for the converted files, leave blank if you want the same folder as source (the source files always be backed up with the same file name but with different extension, starting from .000 to .999).


Choose the destination format: Unix/Linux or Windows/DOS.


Now, just drag and drop the text files you want to convert, to the Convert Text Files window.




If you want to change the target format (to what the file will be converted) of an already dropped file, just double-click it to switch the target format, or right-click for other options.