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How I can disable the EasyBar after started up? (Read 2,504 times)
Jul 15th, 2011 at 8:03am

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I want to ask how I can disable the easy bar after started up the windows. I don't want to show it by default. Now, I need to close it by "Close EasyBar" every time.


If you want to disable EasyBar on startup:
- Start Network Clipboard and Viewer
- Close EasyBar window
- Exit Network Clipboard and Viewer (EasyBar will not appear on next startup).

Alternate method is to edit settings file directly:
- Open Windows Explorer and browse to your "My Documents" folder.
- Open "Network Clipboard" folder.
- Backup settings file "NetworkClipboard.ini".
- Open settings file with Notepad: NetworkClipboard.ini
- Look for "[EasyBar]" (without quotes)
- Change line "Active=1" to "Active=0"
- Save and exit Notepad.


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