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Resolved hostname for remote IP is different... (Read 1,765 times)
Jun 25th, 2011 at 9:56am

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How can I resolve the following error warning?

Network Clipboard’s Warning

Resolved hostname for remote IP “” is
“2-20-GHZ”.  At Network Settings is “1-5-GHZ”. Please
Revise/update settings.

Thank you
J L Cobbs

You have a Workgroup or a Domain (Windows Server with Active Directory)?
NC (Network Clipboard) is telling you that the name of the computer for IP address is “2-20-GHZ” but at Network Settings you have configured that IP with a different name “1-5-GHZ”.

If you changed the name of your computer with IP, and the correct name is “2-20-GHZ”, then please go to Options>Options and Preferences>Network Settings, click on computer “1-5-GHZ”, then right-click and choose Edit (you may use keyboard too, move to computer list with Tab and then move up/down with cursor keys). At Edit, replace the old name by new one “2-20-GHZ” and click OK. This release keeps the old name and creates the new one as another record, please delete the old one (click on it, then drag and drop to recycle bin on NC).

If the computers name are correct, this means you have Dynamic Ips and that’s not recomendable. Is better to have each computer with a fixed IP address (unique). If this is the case (computers names are correct but Ips dynamic, this is the reason for the warning: you had a different IP when setup, now changed). If you want to keep dynamic Ips, then you must delete all IP address you registered on Network Settings for each computer. This will force NC to resolve the IP each time, wich depends on how faster and accurate Windows resolves it on each computer.

If you have any further assistance, please don’t hesitate contact me.

Have a great day,

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