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  Comparator Fast runs ok with Windows Vista 64bit
Comparator Fast Updated (v1.0.0.27) (Read 2,178 times)
Nov 17th, 2010 at 10:53am

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The release number was not updated, is the same version number, but have new Support and Tools options. Just download and reinstall over current Comparator Fast.

    *   New Automatic DST feature (Options|Preferences), to automatically handle Daylight Saving Time when enabled.
    * New Registration and Support tool.
    * New option to get folders from Windows Explorer (to avoid add Comparator Fast to Windows Context Menu).
    * Enhanced Created Dummy File.
    * Enhanced Check for Update.
    * Other enhancements and fixes.
    * Enhanced Repeated Files detection.
    * Hashes Databases now works with MD5 algorithm (CRC32 was default). Automatic upgrade.
    * Enhanced FileCheck tool.
    * Updated help.
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