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New version of Comparator Fast (Read 3,280 times)
Feb 13th, 2007 at 10:03am

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Comparator Fast was updated to release
New Repeated Files options: Select files by Wildcards, Invert Selection, Remove selected from results, Find option to search Repeated Files results for data, Size of Checked items, Size of Selected items.
New Hashes Databases scheme will speed up comparisons based on CRC32 or MD5 hashes to detect Repeated Files.
New option to close Scanning window after scan completed.
Enhanced Select by Wildcards.
Enhanced File Comparator.
New Tutorials flash videos.
Some enhancements and fixes.  ???
Discontinued immediately because wrong setup posted.  Embarrassed Angry
New Repeated Files detection: can detect repeated (cloned) files across any folder already scanned, this way you may detect accidentally repeated/cloned files (same files in several folders).
New Rename Files tool, an easy to use / quick mass renamer.
New help system.
Several Enhances and Fixes.

Daniel Cheesy
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