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Outlook/Outlook Express incorrect clipboard handle (Read 5,116 times)
Sep 21st, 2006 at 11:54am

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Various releases of Outlook and Outlook Express have an incorrect clipboard management: repeatedly updating the clipboard with the same thing, over and over. The effect, depending on your settings in Network Clipboard and Viewer, is that you notice your clipboard was sent (propagated) several times, or end up with the same clipboard captured multiple times. 
And it does NOT correspond to copy/paste operations. This issue is caused by Outlook / Outlook Express.

Apparently, when you select some text in an Outlook item, and copy it to clipboard, and if you leave the original text highlighted, then Outlook will continually re-copy the information to the clipboard.  It'll do it when you switch to another item or message, for example. As you open the other itemss, Outlook will send the data to the clipboard again. This is not a proper behavior to clipboard management.  But to prevent it from bothering you, be sure to un-highlight any text that you copy.  i.e. highlight, copy, and then click somewhere else.

Some Outlook versions are even more persistent.  If un-highlighting doesn't help, then simply go into Network Clipboard and Viewer and clear the clipboard or select any other clipboard from History.  Or, copy anything from any other application.  In either case, the clipboard is overwritten, causing Outlook to give up on its bad behavior to keep overwritten the clipboard contents over and over.

Disable Office Clipboard in Windows 2000
Here are two registry scripts that will turn off, or on, the Office2000 clipboard by adjusting the value that is mentioned in the above MS Knowledge Base article: 
Turning it off: http://www.interdesigner.com/support/office2000clipboardoff.reg
And back on again:http://www.interdesigner.com/support/office2000clipboardon.reg
Just click on either of the above links above, download and run the file to update the registry. You'll be prompted with an "are you sure" dialog, and then the registry is updated.  If you want to see what they're doing first, just download to your hard disk and open with a text editor such as Notepad.

Note: This registry patch won't work in Office XP

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