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Outlook: Clipboard is cleared when open a Contact (Read 3,770 times)
Sep 21st, 2006 at 10:57am

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Outlook issue: The clipboard is cleared when you open a Contact form

When you open a Contact form in Outlook, all data on the clipboard is cleared repeatedly. If you look at the  clipboard's content, you might see some icons in the clipboard, ahead of the text you copied.
This is caused by Outlook add-ins which add icons to Outlook toolbars. When the contact form loads, the addin pastes an icon to the tools it adds. The icon replaces your text on the clipboard and since it's not text, it can't be pasted into most fields. This process happens several times at once, and may interfere with your Network Clipboard and Viewer behavior (for example: trying to report several times a "new clipboard content" just because Outlook clipboard interference).

You have three choices:

1) Outllook choice: Uninstall or disable the add-in
2) Outlook choice: Open the contact first (Shift+Ctrl+C) then copy the text and paste
3) Network Clipboard choice: hold the SHIFT key, go to Main Menu>Options>Preferences, release SHIFT key (holding the SHIFT key will enable show of Advanced Settings). Open the Clipboard Monitor panel (click the tiny arrow on top of panel) and make sure "Skip faster clipboards" is checked, and increase the "Skip time" value to 500ms or more. This insructs Clipboard Monitor to ignore Outlook behavior (copying and pasting icons to clipboard several times).

How do you know which Outlook add-in causes it? Look at the icons in the Office Clipboard, then disable the add-ins that use those icons and test it.

The following Outlook add-ins are known to cause this problem:

Norton Internet Security Professional
MapPoint's Outlook add-in (some versions)
Stamps.com's Outlook integration
Aladdins Envelopes and Labels Version 6 (latest)

To disable Outlook add-ins, open Tools, Options, Other, Advanced Options dialog then click the COM add-ins button.
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