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Unreadable files under XP (Read 9,281 times)
Nov 4th, 2005 at 4:28pm

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I have a corrupted files and the pc requests a CHKDSK utility. I don't have the CD how can you help me? the problem is:

windows\prefectch\icwauthz.exe-2b970c21.pf is corrupt and unreadable please run chkdsk utility


Just need to schedule a chkdsk revision.

Open a Cmd window (command prompt / MS-DOS prompt).

XP:  Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.

In command prompt window, type the command in bold:

C:\> CHKDSK /r

(chkdsk, space, /r parameter. This will revise your entire disk for bad sectors, trying to recover them, and marking that space as bad to avoid use in future). The /r parameter will take a lot of time to check, depending on your disk capacity (can take more than 10 minutes, to one hour), disk and computer speed, etc.

I recommend the use of the /r parameter, because the Windows error you reported is a clear symptom of bad media. If this is the case, please pay attention to your SMART diagnostic messages (you need to enable SMART in BIOS, if your disk support it -almost all modern disks-). Bad media can result in a major disk crash later (if this is the beginning of a disk issue), or if is just a bad sector, it'll be marked by chkdsk utility (included with Windows XP, no need of CD) and you may use your disk many years more.

The common use of chkdsk is to detet invalid allocations and other disk issues, with /F paramater.

The file you reported, is a "prefetch" file. You may delete it at anytime if suspect of corruption, it'll be re-generated next time you use the program "icwauthz.exe".

Good luck!

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