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Shutdown Manager & Norton LiveUpdate (Read 3,727 times)
Jun 30th, 2004 at 10:10pm

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Users of Norton Antivirus or any Symantec product running LiveUpdate, should be careful to Exit Shutdown Manager and Tools before restart system, or disable the Task Before Closing Windows "Temp Folder" in Windows Options. If LiveUpdate (tested with Norton Antivirus 2004) have to apply some major changes, it uses an application saved in User's Temp Folder, and if "clear Temp folder content" is enabled, that program is deleted and the LiveUpdate is unable to apply the patch. This is an issue not only for Shutdown Manager and Tools: any software that cleans Windows Temp folder at shutdown will affect this LiveUpdate behavior (that patch program should be saved in Application Data instead, but this is up to Symantec).

Simply use the File / Exit option in Shutdown Manager and Tools before allow LiveUpdate to restart. Same procedure should be performed for any application that cleans the Temp Folder.
Also, you may disable this task option in SM (Shutdown Manager and Tools), and use the View tab to clean manually the Temp folder.
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