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Message started by Giovanni on Apr 1st, 2007 at 7:17pm

Title: Music restored from backup appears as Newer
Post by Giovanni on Apr 1st, 2007 at 7:17pm
Hi Daniel,
as a registered user, I don't know if I can send in requests regarding the program's functionality.
Is there a way to add some results to a sort of database?
I have the exact music files on two different partitions and I use one of them as a back-up.
I don't want to update the modified files from the target partition to the source one, but only from the source partition to the target one.
Do I have the possibility to add the scanning results to the database in order for the program to ignore those results the next time I'll do a scan?
I attach an image that I hope will clarify what I'm trying to explain:

The program has found 7.173 files that are newer than the ones present on the source partition simply because I recovered an image and the timestamp of the files is, now, the day in which I recovered the image itself.
I'd like to tell the program that those files are OK and that I don't want to update them, neither this time nor the next time I will run CFast.
I'm sorry to bother you with such a futile question, but I couldn't find the answer myself.

Title: Re: Music restored from backup appears as Newer
Post by Daniel on Apr 1st, 2007 at 7:35pm
Hello Giovanni,

Thanks for your question (all users doubts are welcome).

You don't need a database to handle your issue. If you restored the music files from a previous backup/image file, and the Restore software/tool does not allow to set the original date/time for each restored file, is normal that files appears as newer (because have an updated date/time -today-).

If you are sure files were not updated (just file's date/time changed externally) you just need to:

  • Select all files on target side (right). To select you may click on any item (to ensure the results at right have focus) and press Ctrl+A (hold Control key while pressing key A). Also, you may right-click on any item to get Context Menu and choose option Select All at Select Results submenu.
  • Once selected, right-click your selection, open the Touch Date and Time of Selected Files submenu, and choose the first option Touch Date and Time of Selected File(s) as Older File(s).

After this, Comparator Fast will "touch" (change file's date/time) all music files on your target folder using date and time of "older" file (source).

Once touched, the files will not appear as newer anymore (unless changed).

Take care,

Daniel  :D

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