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Posted by: tom Posted on: Jun 16th, 2006 at 10:06pm
hi there you programmers of *intelligent copier*,

at frist let me excuse myself for my bad english, but i hope you will understand what i want to tell you.

the last weeks i spend much time by searching a software that can solve my problem, because i thought there must be more people having the same problem.

i have to sort, every week, hundreds of files into approx. 50 to 150 subdirs. the only system in the filenames is:
NAME(5 to 20 signs)+some other signs and numbers, they may vary much(3 to 30 signs).EXTENSIN(txt or doc).

after searching such a software i found only less programms  they assured that they could do that, most of the programms didn't work at all (but maybe i am only to dumb to understand) some of them are much to komplex.

i haven't found a solution for my problem Sad

than i found your programm and you wrote that it will sort  the files by the extension!

example1: all *.txt files should be stored at c:\test\txt\

but i tried to use your software in an other way

example2: all files tom*.tx* should stored at c:\test\tom\
              : all files tina*.tx* should stored at c:\test\tina\
              : all files alf*.tx* should stored at c:\test\alf\
example  : all files tom*.do* should stored at c:\test\tom\
              : all files tina*.do* should stored at c:\test\tina\
              : all files alf*.do* should stored at c:\test\alf\





i wished i had found your software some month erlier !!!
i wished you had precisely described your masterpiece of software and i had known what it could do in advance of installing it (it was only a fortunate coincidence that i found it an tried to install it).


let me thank you for your great work.

best regards