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  Comparator Fast runs ok with Windows Vista 64bit
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Posted by: Daniel Posted on: Oct 25th, 2005 at 10:17am
Does the software need to be installed on each pc? I could not get it to work until I did install on both PCs. Does this mean I will have to purchase a copy for each PC if I wish to use this program?


Network Clipboard must be installed on each computer you want to share/process clipboards. The first license you need to buy, already includes 2 (two) computers registrations (is like two licenses for the price of one). Each additional computer needs one extra license, the prices of extra licenses depends upon quantity but includes a huge discount: from 24% to more than 60% less !

Also, you only need one single extra license for a Desktop / Notebook combination for the same owner/user (example: same single user have a Desktop and Notebook computers), you can request a Courtesy License at no cost (at anytime) if you have a Desktop and Notebook computer of your own use.

Daniel  Cheesy