Save and Restore Settings
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Save Settings

Use this option to save all Shutdown Manager and Tools settings to a file. Please keep this file in a safe place. Usually, saved settings (or "backups") are stored in:

"My Documents\Shutdown Manager Data\Backup Settings"  

Restore Settings

The restore settings window will show any previous settings backup, if any.
It shows backup information. Options are:
·Restore: restore all Shutdown Manager and Tools settings from that file.  
warning 16x16 Make sure you want to restore old settings, you may loose all your current settings and definitions. Is recommended to use Save Settings first, before a restore operation.  
If you forgot to do a settings backup before using the Restore command, don't worry: a backup is created automatically before any restore (if you want to force a restore with no automatic backup, hold the Shift key when click the Restore button).  
·Add: the content of default backup folder is listed. If you have a backup in other location (for example, a backup cd or pen drive), you may use the Add command to add that file(s) to the backup list, or drag and drop selected backup files from Windows Explorer or any other software with this feature.  
·Delete: removes the selected backup files to Recycle Bin (just in case you want to restore them later).  

See Also: Recycle Bin utility.