Capturer (Ruler)

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This tool will capture the entire screen of your Desktop and shows a small Panel window with information about mouse position, coordinates, mini-zoom of area next to mouse cursor, etc.


You may Right-click to get other options.


If you move the mouse cursor next to the small Panel window, it will moves automatically to the other corner on your Desktop.


Onestep Note: if you activate Capturer, what you see on your monitor is your entire Desktop image. If you want to click to other window/application, press Esc (Escape key) on your keyboard or select Exit from popup menu.




To select a region to capture, you must click and hold the Left mouse button on a starter point of your choice and draw a rectangle box with your mouse. Release the mouse button when done. If you need to move the selection box, move the mouse inside the box, then click and hold the Left mouse button while moving to desired position. If you need to resize the selection, move the mouse cursor to the border of your selection, then click and hold the Left mouse button while moving mouse position to resize.


keyboard Keyboard Tip: use the arrows keys to move the selection box. Hold Ctrl (Control) key to move the selection more faster, hold Alt key to move fast. Hold Shift key to resize your selection.


The selected region have two references for you:

Inside Box: is the region inside the selection box
Full Box: is all the area marked by the selection box, inclusive.



Region to Capture

You may define which region to capture using the popup menu.



Right-click, then go to Region to Use menu, then select:

Full Box as region
Internal Box as region.


Chiclet See Selecting a Region for more information about regions.




If you accidentally click on a new area, your current selection box is cleared. To get it back, if you want, you may press Ctrl+Z or Right-click and choose .





Use this command to Refresh the captured image of your Desktop.



Copy Region to Clipboard

Select this option to copy the selected region to your local clipboard. You may use Network Clipboard and Viewer to send your clipboard content to another computer.


The copied region is based on your choice: Full Box or Internal Box.



Save Region to File

Select this option to save the selected region to a file (BMP, JPG or GIF). You'll see a Preview before save.


The saved region is based on your choice: Full Box or Internal Box.



Draw Grid Lines

Use this command to draw grid lines guides. The grid is cleared when you click on any area.


See Also: Image Preview.