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light2Tip: can use the combination of
Win+2 (Windows Key and number two on your keyboard) to launch Process Viewer.

This utility allows you to explore all running processes on your computer.

If the Information option is checked, you'll see detailed information about the selected running program/process.

Special information on NT systems allows you to see even where is the program that is running (specially useful to locating spyware/viruses/hack tools).

Select a process and kill it using the Kill command.

Enable the Confirm option to be asked before killing a process, disable this option to kill a selected process without confirmation.

Refresh allows to refresh processes list (if not using Auto Refresh).

chiclet Use with caution. Killing a process is not a normal way to terminate a program.

Auto Kill
Enable this function to automatically kill any new process, starting from the moment you activates this option. This is helpful to not allow new processes like worms, viruses, etc., that can be loaded very fast for human response.

If allowed, you may change the priority of a running process:

Idle Priority
For a process whose threads run only when the system is idle.

Normal Priority
For a process with no special scheduling needs.
High Priority
For a process that performs time-critical tasks that must be executed immediately.
Realtime Priority
For process that has the highest possible priority.

(Some features available only on Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 or better)

See Also: Wait for Windows.