force enabled Enabled
force disabled Disabled

This option must be used carefully because some computers with Windows OS (Operating System) previous than Windows 2000 may not work fine with this command.

If you enable this, Shutdown Manager will instruct Windows to force the termination of processes, no others dialogs!, no confirmations! And the choosed procedure will be much faster (Shutdown, Restart or Logoff). But you must be sure to use this kind of command, because if you didn't saved your work (Document, Spreadsheet, etc.), you'll not receive or have a chance to save it.

It's recommended that you do a one-time test to be sure your computer and Windows can support this command: close all your applications, save all your work, and try a shutdown with this option enabled. If it worked fine, congratulations ! If not, please don't use it until you upgrade your Windows OS to a better version.