File Finder Overview
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light2Tip: can use the combination of
Win+1 (Windows Key and number one on your keyboard) to launch File Finder.

The File Finder is a fast and simple utility to find files quickly.

File Finder allows you to search for files with several wildcards specifications, files with specified text in, size, file's dates/times (Modified, Last Accessed, Creation).

The results can be managed with several options with Right-click at result's list, or you can use drag and drop from result's list to Explorer (or any application that use this feature).

File Finder will remember all your search parameters, this way you can perform repetitive search with just few clicks.

Calculate CRC32 / MD5 / SHA1 Algorithms
Once you have any results, you may want to get CRC32 / MD5 / SHA1 information for each file in results. Just click the Calculate button, or select the results you want to calculate, Right-click your selection and choose proper method.