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Disabler contains special options to disable features on your computer, to bring more security to your system, disable keyboard options for gamers or people with special needs.

There are two levels:

·16x16 mycomputer Computer: disabled options will affect entire system, all blocked users.  
·16x16 current user Current User: disabled options will affect only to current logged user.  

Users not in blocked users list may keep their own settings about disabled options in this window.

You may note what settings are applied (Computer or Current User) just looking the Main Window's status bar for proper icon:

16x16 mycomputer Computer Settings applied (usually for 16x16 devil red blocked users).  
16x16 current user Specific, Current User Settings applied (usually for 16x16 devil green non-blocked users).  


This window contains proper sections for specific options:

·Disable Start Menu  
·Disable Taskbar  
·Disable Keyboard (Windows special keys)  

See Also: Blocked Users, Disable Start Menu, Disable Taskbar, Disable Keyboard.